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Just what is the speed limit?

One of the more common causes of car accidents in Naples is speeding. If the person that caused your accident was obviously speeding, you may view assigning liability to a simple matter. Yet accusations of speeding are often met with exclamations that a driver was unfamiliar with the area and thus not aware of the posted speed limit. Such an excuse can often be answered by turning to the implied speed limits stipulated by the state’s government. 

What happens if you suffer an injury on a cruise ship?

Taking a cruise should be a relaxing time for your whole Florida family. When you board, you are probably thinking about lying by the pool or eating a nice meal later that evening. You are not thinking about what will happen if you get hurt. Most cruises are incident-free, and most ships are perfectly safe, but sometimes accidents do happen.

What are the signs and symptoms of whiplash?

Pursuing compensation following a car accident in Naples may seem to be a complicated and involved process. This perception may prompt you to want to avoid seeking any action after having been in an accident, especially if the collision occurred at a low speed and resulted in no apparent damages to your vehicle. You may feel little more than simple stiffness (or perhaps have no initial ill effects at all), which might serve to convince your further to simply let the incident go and not even file an insurance claim. This is a decision that, if made, you may come to regret when it is discovered that you are suffering from a whiplash injury

How should college students interact with campus police?

Going off to college is an exciting time of personal growth, and for many, it is the first taste of real freedom. The freedom to act and think as an adult is an immense responsibility, and sometimes, students can step over the line when enjoying their new lives. It is in the interests of each Florida college student to know how he or she should interact with campus police.

How many drinks does it take to get drunk?

There is a science to the way alcohol affects your body. The more drinks you consume, the higher your blood alcohol content (BAC) becomes. As BAC rises, you'll experience more debilitating effects, which can be deadly when operating a motor vehicle. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention break down how your BAC rises the more drinks you have. 

Hurt by a cart while shopping? You may have a case

When you head to a Florida grocery store or to browse the mall for some new shoes, you probably do not consider these dangerous activities. While it's generally not risky to go shopping, people still find themselves injured by carts while at stores and other public places. In reality, if you experienced an injury while you are out at a store or at any type of retail place, you have legal options available to you.

How alcohol escapes the body through breath

The breathalyzer device has become the de-facto symbol for drunk driving enforcement in the U.S. Yet many in Naples may wonder how alcohol (which people consume as a liquid) can be measured through one's breath. The answer to this question lies in understanding the unique nature of alcohol and the pathway it travels through the human body. 

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