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What is Xanax abuse?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2019 | Drug Charges

Xanax is often prescribed for problems with anxiety. Despite its medicinal benefits, Xanax can be dangerous when it’s misused, as the medication is highly addictive even when taken correctly. explains what Xanax abuse looks like and how it affects both the body and mind. 

Xanax calms the excitement associated with increased anxiety and panic. It also has sedative properties, which induce feelings of fatigue and drowsiness. It’s associated with many other physical symptoms. Many people experience memory issues when taking Xanax and may even have trouble focusing. The drug can also cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, and elated, euphoric feelings. This medication is also linked to a wide range of mental and social effects. 

For example, people who take Xanax for long periods tend to forget things easily. Because stopping the drug suddenly can result in withdrawal symptoms, people often miss work or school when abusing the drug. As Xanax tolerance grows, a person will need to consume more and more of it just to experience a similar effect. After so long, more of the drug will be needed just to experience normality. This often leads to financial issues, which can lead to stealing and lying to be able to acquire the drug. 

Abusing Xanax in the long-term is also linked to a variety of effects. Because it has an impact on the central nervous system, people who abuse Xanax often slur their speech or appear confused and disoriented. There is also a significant risk of death due to breathing problems when abusing this substance. Respiratory depression is particularly dangerous when drinking alcohol.