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What are some safety tips for traveling with children?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2019 | Car Accidents

Summer road trips are a wonderful experience when the whole family is in tow. However, going on long road trips with your kids can be complicated, especially when traveling with younger children prone to boredom. If you plan on taking your kids on an extended journey this summer, Parents Magazine offers the following advice to ensure you and your children remain safe and secure. 

The first step is to ensure your children are safely secured within the vehicle. With smaller kids, this entails purchasing a reliable car seat and using it correctly. For instance, kids are often safest in the backseat should a crash occur, so make sure that your car seat is properly installed before placing your child within the vehicle. In the same token, make sure the backseat is free of any potentially harmful items, especially when you have very young children.

The backseat should be cleared of small pieces or components, which constitute a choking hazard. Any dangerous chemicals, such as coolant or antifreeze, should also be removed. The back seat should be free other items, which can become projectiles should a crash occur. If you have child safety locks, make sure they’re activated for the entire trip. A child may inadvertently unlock or even open the door of a moving vehicle, which can lead to tragedy. 

You should also bring along a road safety kid in case you become stranded on your journey. Be sure your kit includes automotive items, such as jumper cables, flares, tire jack, and basic tools. First-aid supplies are also recommended in the event you must wait for emergency personnel to arrive. Lastly, have some bottled water and healthy snacks on hand. You can also pack warm clothing or blankets in case you need to spend the night in your vehicle for whatever reason.