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Crash near Tallahassee kills two teens

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2019 | Car Accidents

New teen drivers in Naples need to be given the opportunity to gain experience behind the wheel. At the same time, that need must be weighed against the increased potential they have collectively demonstrated for engaging in reckless driving. Indeed, statistics show that teens are more likely to drive dangerously (such as speeding, driving while intoxicated, or driving at odd hours). Such tendencies cause them to pose a greater risk of causing car accidents. Sadly, those affected by such accidents often experience devastating consequences. 

This fact was on full display in an accident involving two teens that occurred just north of Tallahassee. The two were driving along a state highway when the vehicle veered into the median. While the median, it crashed into a tree, causing an impact do great that the entire vehicle was torn in two. Both the driver and the passenger were killed. Authorities are still trying to determine what caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. 

Cases such as this one are heart-breaking not simply for the loss of life involved, but also for the impact that they have on those left behind. The families of passengers killed in car accidents may find themselves in the position of needing to seek compensation in order to deal with the expenses they are left with. Seeking such compensation from the drivers (or their families) can be gut-wrenching given that they likely share some type of relationship. Yet ultimately, it may be necessary to deal with the costs that insurance may not cover. Those in such a situation may want to seek the advice of an attorney before commencing legal action