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Collision in The Villages kills two teens

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2019 | Car Accidents

Parents in Naples no doubt feel a certain amount of excitement when their children reach the driving age. The prospect of not having to drive them to their different activities may be seen as a welcome relief. Yet at the same time, that relief is likely also accompanied by a sense of trepidation that comes from knowing the dangers that can come with driving. Teen drivers in particular stand at a greater risk of being involved in car accident due to their inexperience behind the wheel. Studies have also shown that said inexperience can make them more likely to engage in unsafe driving practices, the consequences of which can often prove to be deadly. 

A recent crash involving a pair of local teens serves to illustrate this point. The pair were driving along through The Villages when their crashed into a tree. Both were killed in the collision. The driver was a youngster from Yalaha, while the passenger was a football player from the local high school who had just graduated a week earlier. The exact cause of the crash is still under investigation. 

While authorities do not yet know if alcohol played a factor in this particular case, it was reported that neither teen was wearing a seat belt. Infrequent seat belt use, as well as propensity to speed or drive at odd hours are just a few of the examples of dangerous driving that tend to plague teens. When such practices cause injuries to the passengers teens are transporting, those accident victims and their families may be left with little choice but to seek compensation to help cover their expenses. Such compensation might be easier to secure if one has an attorney in their corner.