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What should I know about opioid addiction?

Opioids like heroin, codeine, and oxycodone all have a very high potential for abuse. The effects of these drugs have both short and long-term consequences, in addition to possible legal issues associated with using illegal substances. Healthline explains the impact of opioids on a person's health, as well as what you should look for if you believe a loved one is addicted. 

The variables that affect the likelihood of an accident

An accident can happen for many reasons, but it's not always immediately apparent to the people involved in the crash exactly what happened. If you are a victim of injuries suffered in an auto collision that was the result of the reckless or negligent actions of another person, you may need to find out why the accident happened. Identifying the cause of the crash or the factors that played a role in the crash could be important to a future civil claim. 

Crash near Tallahassee kills two teens

New teen drivers in Naples need to be given the opportunity to gain experience behind the wheel. At the same time, that need must be weighed against the increased potential they have collectively demonstrated for engaging in reckless driving. Indeed, statistics show that teens are more likely to drive dangerously (such as speeding, driving while intoxicated, or driving at odd hours). Such tendencies cause them to pose a greater risk of causing car accidents. Sadly, those affected by such accidents often experience devastating consequences. 

Man must complete court requirements for DUI to be dismissed

If someone has been pulled over under the suspicion that he or she was driving under the influence in Florida, authorities must be accurate and fair in the way they go about gathering their information before any formal charges are filed. If people are charged, they still have the chance to defend their standing in a court of law should they desire. 

Understanding how your biology can affect intoxication

The fact that the number .08 looms so large when it comes to drunk driving seemingly implies a uniformity when it comes to alcohol intoxication. You might infer from that standard that the way in which you may become intoxicated is the same as every other person in Naples. When people come to us here at The Caldarone Law Group, P.A. after having been charged with drunk driving, they often think that if their initial breath test was above .08, they have no grounds on which to contest the charges against them. If you share the same concern, you will be happy to know that is not always the case. 

Summer months more dangerous with more teen drivers on road

The summer is a time for vacation and travel, and there is typically an increased number of drivers on the road during these months. With more people on the road any given time, it is no surprise that there are more car accidents during the summer as well. As you know, a few different factors affect the car accident rate.

Collision in The Villages kills two teens

Parents in Naples no doubt feel a certain amount of excitement when their children reach the driving age. The prospect of not having to drive them to their different activities may be seen as a welcome relief. Yet at the same time, that relief is likely also accompanied by a sense of trepidation that comes from knowing the dangers that can come with driving. Teen drivers in particular stand at a greater risk of being involved in car accident due to their inexperience behind the wheel. Studies have also shown that said inexperience can make them more likely to engage in unsafe driving practices, the consequences of which can often prove to be deadly. 

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