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Seeking answers about traumatic brain injuries

On Behalf of | May 8, 2019 | Injuries

A car accident has the potential to change a person’s life in an instant. From the physical injuries to the damage to personal property, it can be an extensive process to pick up the pieces and move forward. This is especially true for accident victims suffering from an accident-related brain injury.

Brain injuries are a common type of car accident injury. This type of trauma can range from a minor concussion to grave brain damage, but every type of traumatic brain injury has a serious effect on a victim. Researchers are studying these types of injuries in hopes of better understanding why some accidents cause TBIs and some don’t, as well as how to better treat brain trauma.

A complex injury

Brain injuries are hard to understand because they affect each person differently. They are also more common than you may think – TBIs make up about 30% of all injury-related deaths in the United States. Learning more about these injuries, such as signs of damage and treatment options, may help save lives after car accidents. Scientists are studying brain injuries, but few are looking into the correlation between these injuries and car accidents.

A way to get answers

There are some researchers who acknowledge the importance of studying motor vehicle collisions and TBIs. Most people who study brain injuries typically look at using computational data and computer technology to study the problems, or they use mostly experiential methods to get answers. One particular scientist is looking at combining both methods to unlock the mystery of TBIs.

You may be interested to know that one of the goals of this research is to allow emergency medical personnel to quickly and accurately assess the likelihood of a TBI at a car accident scene. Immediate treatment is crucial, especially for those with very serious head trauma.

What can victims do? 

While there is a still a long way to go in the pursuit of more answers and information regarding brain injuries, there are things victims can do now to protect their interests. If you are a victim of a TBI, one you suffered in a car accident caused by another driver, you have the right to pursue fair compensation through a personal injury claim.

If you are dealing with a brain injury, you do not have to navigate the aftermath alone. You may want to seek the guidance of an experienced Florida injury attorney who can help you with your legal concerns while you focus on your recovery.