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Avoiding drugged driving

You may never even envision a scenario where you would get behind the wheel of a vehicle in Naples after having consumed alcohol. Thus, the concern of having to deal with a criminal charge stemming from driving under the influence may not weigh heavily on your mind. Yet as many of the clients that we here at The Caldarone Law Group, P.A. can attest to, driving while drunk is not the only way you can come under scrutiny for impaired driving. Drugged driving can also lead to legal troubles. 

Summer months typically mean more car accidents

When school is out for the summer, people are more likely to pack up the car and hit the road. Starting in late May and lasting through the beginning of September, there are often more people on the road at any given time than during other parts of the year. Naturally, more motorists mean a higher rate of car accidents. Experts call the months following Memorial Day the "100 Deadly Days of Summer."

Motor vehicle accidents and travel plans

When people examine the consequences of car crashes, they may look at the physical, emotional and financial toll of these wrecks. To be sure, there are many ways in which victims suffer, whether they are disabled, struggle with negative emotions or cannot pay bills following the accident. However, there are other reasons why car accidents can be so disruptive for victims and their loved ones. For example, people may have to cancel their travel plans because of a difficult car crash, which can be very devastating.

Seeking answers about traumatic brain injuries

A car accident has the potential to change a person's life in an instant. From the physical injuries to the damage to personal property, it can be an extensive process to pick up the pieces and move forward. This is especially true for accident victims suffering from an accident-related brain injury.

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