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5 vehicles involved in 2 separate Florida crashes, minutes apart

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2019 | Car Accidents

Sometimes, in the immediate aftermath of a roadway collision, it can initially be difficult to determine what exactly happened. Authorities in Marion County, Florida, came upon a scene last Friday that they thought was one giant car accident involving 5 vehicles. However, further investigation showed that one accident involving three vehicles and a second two-vehicle accident occurred within minutes of each other around mile marker 366 of Interstate 75. Altogether, the five vehicles involved in the crashes contained seven people, two of whom went to the hospital for injuries sustained in the crash.

The accidents occurred last Friday evening, and each involved a semi-truck. The cause of the first accident is unclear, nor is it clear whether the second accident happened as a result of the first. The trouble began when a northbound car hit the guardrail after veering off the road. The force of the impact caused the vehicle to careen into the center lane of traffic. The two occupants exited the vehicle and ran to the shoulder, escaping serious injury in the process.

As the vehicle sat, unoccupied, in the middle of the interstate, a semi-truck sideswiped it. As a result, the semi ended up in the southbound lanes after barreling through the guardrail, where it rolled on top of another car. The driver of that vehicle and his daughter who was riding with him sustained injuries requiring hospitalization. The passenger received only minor injuries, but her father, the driver of the car, entered the hospital in critical condition. 

Moments after the first collision, a second semi, this one traveling south, crashed through the same guardrail from the opposite direction after rear-ending yet another car. It is unclear whether the drivers of these vehicles refused medical treatment or received only minor injuries, but in either case, there were no further reports of serious injuries occurring as a result of either crash. 

Car accidents can be confusing and frightening, for authorities as well as those directly involved. Those who have received injuries in a car crash may find it helpful to consult an attorney.