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Your day of shopping could end in injury

Going shopping is a pastime that many Florida residents and people visiting the state on vacation enjoy. Whether shopping for yourself, a friend or family member, you may like to go out to various shops when you can and possibly even make a day of your outing. While your main goals may relate to finding the right items, relaxing and generally having a good time, you may not think about the risks of injuries you may face while shopping.

Any type of retail establishment could present serious risks to your safety, and if you do not know how to recognize those risks, you could suffer serious injuries. Of course, the owners and operators of the establishment have a responsibility to keep you and other patrons safe.

Possible accidents

Though your ideal day would undoubtedly involve you arriving at your desired destination, finding the perfect items and traveling back home, all while remaining entirely unscathed, that may not always happen. Some accidents you could find yourself involved in while shopping include the following:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents: These accidents are not uncommon and can result from uneven flooring or carpet, wet floors, poor lighting, cracked or uneven sidewalks, or a multitude of other hazards.
  • Shopping cart accidents: You have undoubtedly gone to a grocery store or other shop and found yourself with a shopping cart that has seen better days. Not only can this act as a nuisance, but it could also put you at risk of injury if it should tip over and cause you to fall.
  • Accidents from overcrowding: During the recent holiday season, you likely saw many shops packed seemingly beyond capacity. Overcrowding can cause a serious issue because other shoppers could knock you to the ground, and you could end up trampled.
  • Falling-object accidents: Stores often have displays, items just out of reach or precariously placed items that could all present dangers if an object should fall, and you could wind up with a head or other bodily injury.

These examples do not show every possible accident you could face while shopping, so it pays to remain on your guard.

After an accident

If you do find yourself, or have already found yourself, injured on the premises of a retail establishment, you may want to carefully assess how the accident occurred and whether it was preventable. You may have reason to file a premises liability claim against the owners, operators or other liable parties in order to seek compensation for your injuries and other allowable damages.

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