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Alcohol’s impact on the brain

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Drunk Driving

Most in Naples would claim to know the limitations of their own bodies better than anyone. Thus, they may believe that they are the ones who should be trusted as to their fitness to perform tasks (such as driving). This may lead to assumptions by some that they are able to “hold” alcohol better than others, or that alcohol effects them differently. Unfortunately, research has shown that alcohol tends to be no respecter of persons (or their assumed physical abilities). 

Consider specifically how alcohol impacts brain function. Alcohol is carried to the brain via the bloodstream, where it reaches all areas of it. Each area controls the operation of specific body systems. According to The Alcohol Pharmacology Education Partnership, the breakdown of each area (and the associated system it is responsible for) is as follows: 

  • Frontal cortex: Judgment
  • Motor cortex: Movement
  • Sensory cortex: Sensations
  • Visual cortex: Vision
  • Hippocampus: Memory
  • Cerebellum: Coordination

The brain stem coordinates vital body functions such as such as respiration and heart rate. This area is actually the least sensitive to the effects of alcohol. 

Notice how each of the aforementioned areas can inhibit one’s ability behind the wheel. It is for this reason that even though one body system may tend to become more depressed than others in a particular individual, all are considered dangerous when driving under the influence

Exactly how much alcohol is required to depress one’s body systems to the point of becoming dangerous. Coming up with an exact answer to that question may be impossible to the everyone having a unique body composition. However, information shared by The Business Journal shows that generally, it may take as few as two drinks for both adult men and women to begin experiencing the effects of intoxication.