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Will Florida finally pass laws to fight distracted driving?

Distracted driving is a serious problem in Florida, yet lawmakers have struggled to pass legislation designed to fight the issue. Previous measures have failed, but there are new proposed bills that could pass in 2019. People hope that new laws against distracted driving would curtail phone use and make the roads safer for all motorists. 

How to prevent drunk driving on New Year’s Eve

In just a few days people all over Florida will be heralding the arrival of the new year. While celebrating with friends and family is surely fun, when celebrations involve alcohol there is an increased risk of driving while drunk. That’s why it’s crucial that all motorists have the right information to keep themselves and others safe.

How close is too close?

Nearly every driver in Naples is likely familiar with the unnerving feeling that arises when another car is following them far too closely. When you are driving, several things can happen that may force you to make an abrupt stop, at which point you then become exposed to collisions with the vehicles behind you. One who is following to close behind you may have almost no time to stop or swerve to avoid you. Yet the problem with proving that one was following you too closely is that your definition of what it too close might differ from that of others. There may also be situations in which the way in which you were driving might put you at fault. 

Be wary of open-ended questions during a DUI interrogation

When you were a child, your parents and other adults likely told you to trust police officers. In the event that you became lost or afraid, and could not find your parents, you may have known to find a police officer. While most of these individuals live up to their duty to protect and serve, you may want to rethink trusting officers if they pull over your vehicle on suspicion of DUI.

Car crashes and driving once again

Although the physical consequences of a motor vehicle crash can be devastating, some people overlook the emotional impact of an auto accident. For example, some people may be so traumatized by the collision that they decide never to drive again or experience high levels of anxiety while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, this can be very disruptive in a person’s life, making it hard for them to get to work and handle daily responsibilities such as buying groceries. If you are struggling with mental trauma after a collision, it is important to handle your circumstances carefully and make sure that you are ready to return to the road before getting behind the wheel again.

Reviewing your obligations regarding seat belts

No one gets into a car in Naples thinking that they are going to be involved in an accident. Thus, it is not unreasonable to assume that there may be a time when a passenger that you are transporting forgets to buckle theirs. They may be assuming the risk of injury if you do happen to experience; could you be at risk of liability? Many come to us here at The Caldarone Law Group, P.A. with this very question. While a definitive answer may not be available in all situations, you should at least know that it is a possibility. 

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