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Stopping truck drivers from texting behind the wheel saves lives

Driving an 18-wheeler can be a lonely job. Many truck drivers spend several hours a day by themselves in the cabs of their trucks. In previous decades, their only method of contact was through CB radios. They could go days without hearing from their families who could live several states away.

What are the consequences of driving under the influence?

If you have been charged with driving under the influence in Florida, you may be facing an uncertain future as you await the news about what your consequences will be. Vowing now to change your life and to never drive drunk again is imperative to your ability to rebuild damaged relationships, rebuild trust and give yourself a winning shot at being able to live a productive and happy life in your future. 

Where are drug charges considered more serious?

No one in Naples ever wants to face the prospect of being convicted on drug charges, yet if you do happen to be arrested for a drug offense, you want to ensure that you are only charged with that which is directly applicable to your alleged actions. Law enforcement authorities will often look for aggravating factors in a case that seemingly make it more serious. This may simply be a way to embellish the drug charges against you in order to strengthen their case. Thus, you should be wary of any attempts to do this against you and how you might be able to challenge them. 

Pedestrians face greater danger than ever before

It is becoming more dangerous to be a pedestrian in Florida and other states. Recent studies show that pedestrian accidents are occurring more frequently and becoming deadlier. This means you do not necessarily have to walk long distances to be in danger. You may be at risk by simply crossing the street or walking across a parking lot to your car.

Awareness can reduce the chance of accidents with big rigs

As Florida readers know, accidents with large trucks can have devastating consequences. It is in the interests of all drivers to be intentional about driving carefully around these larger, heavier vehicles. Even just a moment of distraction or one simple mistake from a trucker or other driver can lead to a serious or fatal collision.

Icy roads in the early morning

If you live in a part of the country that sees colder weather during November and the winter months, it is especially important to be mindful of various weather-related hazards that you may encounter while driving. Aside from snowfall and heavy rain, you may also come across ice on the road, which can be especially dangerous in the early morning hours for various reasons. Unfortunately, auto accidents caused by icy roads have claimed so many lives over the years and many victims have also been injured in these collisions.

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