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How can I get help for drug addiction?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2018 | Drug Charges

Every day people in Florida suffer from the ramifications of drug addiction. Seeking appropriate treatment is crucial in this case, especially if you’ve been recently charged with drug use or possession, which are very serious offenses. The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains a few of the many different treatment approaches, which can help secure the best option for you.

Behavioral therapy is often a key component of successful treatment. Therapists with knowledge of drug addiction attempt to help patients boost healthy coping mechanisms, which reduces the reliance on mind-altering substances. They also help patients change behaviors linked to addiction and stick to treatment regimens. Therapy can be provided on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

Inpatient treatment entails 24-hour supervision and care of individuals with severe addictions. This type of treatment can be short or long-term depending on the patient’s specific needs. When it comes to outpatient treatment, counseling can be provided on an individual basis or within a group setting. Counseling typically touches on helping patients recognize problem behaviors or disruptive emotions, while also providing positive motivational support.

While medication tends to work best when used in conjunction with other treatment methods, there are a number of medicines that can help manage cravings while also reducing the likelihood of a relapse. There is a grouping of drugs that are used to help opioid addicts break the cycle of addiction, such as include naltrexone, methadone, and buprenorphine. Naltrexone is provided post-detox (which is the process of allowing addictive substances to leave the body) and this drug prevents opioids from interacting with associated brain receptors. Conversely, methadone and buprenorphine work by managing cravings.