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Did a product you purchased cause you harm?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Injuries

When you go to the store and buy something for use in your home, for your family or any other reason, you likely assume that the product is safe. You have the right to an assumption of safety when buying consumer products, but unfortunately, the products you purchase can sometimes cause you harm. In fact, dangerous consumer products cause thousands of people to suffer harm in the United States each year.

Victims of dangerous products often feel unsure of their legal rights or what they should do next. If you are suffering from injuries caused by a product you bought, you could have options. You may have grounds to move forward with a products liability claim.

Who is to blame for your injuries?

It can be difficult to identify the responsible party in a products liability claim, but often, the seller or manufacturer is to blame for what you experienced and the losses you endured. Products liability claims can be complex, but a thorough investigation into your case, the product and other factors may determine that you may name any of the following parties in a civil claim:

  • The company that produced the component pieces of the product
  • The manufacturer of the product
  • The store that sold the defective or dangerous product
  • The company that assembled the product
  • The wholesaler

Dangerous consumer products often put innocent people, sometimes even children, at risk for injuries, sickness and more. Examples of common defective products include defective medication or faulty car parts.

You may feel hopeless and unsure of what to do next after experiencing harm due to a consumer product, but you have options. It is a daunting prospect, but with help, you may be able to secure appropriate compensation for your pain and suffering as well as your financial losses and other types of damages.

Where should you start? 

If you believe a dangerous consumer product is the reason for your suffering, it may be helpful to begin with a complete evaluation of your case. This step will allow you to understand whether you have grounds for a products liability claim and which party in the manufacturing and distribution chain is responsible for what happened.

These types of civil claims are complex, but you do not have to walk through it alone. You may find it helpful to rely on the guidance of an experienced Florida personal injury attorney as you pursue the full and fair recovery you deserve.