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How Florida's auto insurance laws affect you

Owning a car in Florida means you must carry insurance. Each state has its own requirements for the kinds and amounts of coverage you need, and Florida is unique among them in several ways. Because this is one of the few states that still has no-fault insurance laws, you would do well to understand what your responsibilities are in the event of an injury-causing accident.

Behaviors that constitute prescription drug abuse

When people hear the term "drug abuse," their first thought is often extreme addictions to drugs like methamphetamine or heroine among others. However, prescription drug abuse is also a common problem in Florida and one that is not as noticeably prevalent. When people understand the behaviors that constitute prescription drug abuse, they can take active measures to protect themselves from potentially misusing a drug and putting themselves at risk of becoming addicted or injured. 

What treatments are available for alcohol addiction?

If you’ve recently received a drunk driving charge in Naples, your problems may extend beyond just legal matters. In fact, this could be a sign of alcohol addiction, which entails ill-effects ranging from legal to personal. Getting treatment is crucial in this case, and WebMD explains some of the different options you can utilize on the road to recovery.

Explaining Florida's Move Over law

Being stranded on the side of the road in Naples is never a pleasant situation to be in. Not only are you forced to deal with whatever issue is impairing your vehicle, but you also put yourself at the mercy of other drivers and their attentiveness (or lack thereof). Many of the clients that we here at The Caldarone Law Group, P.A. have helped in the past serve as unfortunate examples of what can happen when motorists do not pay close enough attention to what is happening along the roads on which they are driving. You might wonder why no protection is given to those on the side of the state's roads. 

You may be surprised by who drives the wrong way most often

In 2016, Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported that around 2,600 accidents that occurred here in the state resulted from wrong-way drivers, and at least 56 of them involved fatalities. Please note that those numbers only include Florida, not the nation. More people realize their error and quickly turn around, while others don't crash, but do receive traffic tickets for their error.

Is a "breathalyzer" really a breathalyzer?

Were someone to ask you what a breathalyzer was, you would likely immediately assume it to be the hand-held devices that law enforcement officials use to conduct breath tests on the side of the road. This assumption contributes to the confusion on the issue of whether or not you are in your rights to refuse a breath test. In reality, an actual breathalyzer is the machine used to conduct a chemical assessment of the alcohol content of your breath. These are typically found in police stations. What, then, it the device that an officer may ask you to blow into when you are pulled over? 

Fighting For Your Rights So You Can Focus On Your Recovery

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