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Did you suffer any of the common types of car accident injuries?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2018 | Car Accidents

Suffering a serious injury is never an enjoyable experience. You will undoubtedly have to endure physical pain and possible mental impacts, and you will likely also face financial struggles due to the medical bills and other financial effects of your injuries. As a result, you may worry that you will have to struggle for a considerable amount of time.

You may have been one of the numerous people who suffered injuries as the result of a car accident. These incidents are common, and if another person caused the crash that resulted in your injuries, you may have reason to take legal action in order to seek compensation for the damages suffered.

Common car accident injuries

Unfortunately, car accidents can easily cause injury to various parts of the body. While it is hoped that if any injury occurs, it is minor, serious harm results at a high rate. Some common crash injuries include the following:

  • Whiplash: This injury affects the muscles and ligaments of the neck and can range in severity.
  • Chest injuries: Broken ribs and damaged lungs commonly result from car accidents due to blunt force trauma.
  • Abdomen injuries: You could also suffer harm to your internal organs from blunt force trauma.
  • Cardiac arrest: If you already have a heart condition, a car accident could also potentially cause traumatic cardiac arrest.
  • Head injuries: If your head hits the steering wheel, window or dashboard, you could easily suffer a severe head or brain injury.
  • Back injuries: Car accidents can also lead to spinal cord damage, which could result in paralysis or loss or reduced movement of limbs and other body parts.
  • Extremity injuries: Hands, feet, arms and legs are also all susceptible to suffering serious injuries in car accidents.

The severity of the injuries can also depend on the exact circumstances of the accident. Pedestrians and motorcyclists have less protection than individuals in vehicles, and as a result, they face a higher risk of suffering more severe injuries.

Pursuing compensation

Whatever serious injuries you may have suffered in the accident, your life has undoubtedly faced immense difficulties. If you feel that you have cause to seek monetary restitution for your injuries and other damages, you may want to gain information on personal injury claims. You may have grounds to file this type of claim against the driver considered at fault in order to seek compensation.