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Drunk driving in Florida is a serious matter

It’s no secret that drunk driving can be deadly. Unfortunately, many drivers in Florida and all over the nation still take to the roads inebriated, which can end in physical injury, property damage, or even loss of life. To illustrate the threat that driving while intoxicated poses all drivers, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention offer the following information.

Liability and who is really to blame for your accident

Florida readers understand the importance of holding the appropriate parties accountable after a car accident. Victims have the right to seek compensation from the individuals responsible for their pain and suffering, but sometimes it can be difficult to determine who is actually liable. This is an important, yet potentially complex, step in building a strong personal injury claim.

Should you call the police for a parking lot accident?

Motorists involved in Florida car crashes generally know to call the police, but what if an auto accident occurs in a parking lot? A parking lot is not a public road, so some drivers may be confused as to what to do. However, just because your Naples accident takes place in a parking lot does not mean that you should veto phoning the police. In fact, contacting the police may be very important.

Can third parties be held liable for drunk driving accidents?

After having been involved in a drunk driving accident in Naples, you first question might be who would allow the person that caused your collision to not only become intoxicated, but then to drive? Oftentimes there may not only be one person that shares the burden of the blame in an accident. In the case of drunk driver, there is the person or party that allowed him or her to drive after drinking in the first place. After considering this, you may then whether you can hold such parties responsible for the injuries and damages you (and others) sustained in your accident? 

Computer-based crimes can lead to serious consequences

Criminal charges of any kind are a serious threat to your future, even if these crimes are based on internet or computer activities. If you are facing white collar crime charges for illegal activity committed with a computer, you would be wise to take your situation seriously and fight back. Florida readers would be wise not to underestimate the seriousness of their situation. 

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