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Spotting a drowsy driver

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Car Accidents

Public awareness on the dangers of drunk driving have helped to deter many from climbing behind the wheel after having been drinking. Yet do people think twice about driving after only have had a couple of hours of sleep? Drowsy drivers can pose just as great a threat to you and other motorists as those who are drunk. Many from Naples and the surrounding areas have come to us here at The Caldarone Law Group, P.A. after having been involved in accidents with drivers they believe to have been literally asleep at the wheel wondering what sort of legal recourse they may have.

The dangers of drowsy driving are clear; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that as recently as 2013, 72,000 accidents were attributed to drowsy driving. Yet answering the question of how you can hold drowsy drivers accountable can be difficult, as doing so requires proving that one was indeed drowsy. Unfortunately, fatigue is not something that can be tested for, and those who were asleep at the wheel might appear fully alert immediately following a crash (as a collision does have a tendency to suddenly jolt one awake). Plus, drowsy drivers may be unlikely to admit their errors due to the fear of potential repercussions.

Therefore, it may be left to you to determine if the driver that hit you was indeed fatigued. Some signs that can indicate one was driving drowsy include:

  • Difficulty staying in the same lane
  • Red, bloodshot eyes due to sleep deprivation
  • Him or her claiming to have just gotten off working a graveyard or swing shift

Accidents that occur late at night are also more likely to have been caused by drowsiness. More information on the issue of drowsy driving can be found here on our site.