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Florida roadways are busy: Don’t get distracted while driving

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2018 | Distraced Driving

Whether you are headed to Florida for a summer vacation or live here throughout the year, if you plan to drive to reach your in-state destinations, you’ll likely encounter several challenges, especially when traffic flows are high, which is often in this tourist state. It’s easy to become frustrated and feel rushed when you have someplace to be but can’t get there on time because there are so many cars on the road; however, it’s best if you try to remain calm, focused, alert and cautious behind the wheel.

If you get distracted, you increase your risk for collision, which in turn, increases the risk not only that you’ll be late to your appointment but that you may never reach your destination if you wind up injured in a car accident. There are several types of distractions that most often lead to motor vehicle crashes. Avoiding these distractions is a key to staying safe and knowing where to seek support if a distracted driver causes you injury is equally important.

Deadly distractions that impede your ability to travel safely

You improve your ability to stay safe while driving if you are proactive in the matter. The following list includes distractions you’ll want to avoid at all times if you’re behind the wheel:

  • Using a cell phone for any reason: There’s no such thing as safe cell phone use while driving. If you want to take a selfie, a video, send a text or place a call, it’s always best to safely pull off the road first. Florida does not currently have laws that prohibit using cell phones while driving, so drivers must make responsible choices for safe travel.
  • Navigation devices can place you at risk: You might be one of many Florida drivers who are glad technological advancements make navigating road directions possible without paper maps. Be aware, however, that using global positioning systems while driving increases your risk for collision.

You control your own driving habits, but you can’t control another motorist’s behavior. If a distracted driver interrupts your vacation or daily life in Florida by causing an accident that results in your injury, it may be a long time before you are able to drive again. In the meantime, you may face financial strain related to your injuries. There are support networks in place to help you seek full recovery for your losses because you should not bear the full brunt of accident-related expenses when another person was at fault.