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Do you have a case if your child suffered from a birth injury?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Blog

Instead of being a time of joy and celebration, the birth of your child may become a time of stress and uncertainty if your baby suffered injuries during delivery. Some birth injuries are the result of natural causes or medical conditions, but others are the result of medical negligence and the actions of health care professionals.

If your child suffered an injury during the birth process, your Florida family may find it beneficial to find out how it happened and what legal options you may have. It is possible that you have grounds to pursue a civil claim, which can help your family secure the compensation you need for your child’s health care and future needs. A birth injury will have a serious impact on your family, but you do not have to walk through this alone.

Why do birth injuries happen?

It can be confusing to learn that your child suffered harm during the birth process, especially if you had a healthy pregnancy. There are many factors that can lead to an increased chance of this happening, and some of the most common reasons that babies suffer birth injuries include the following:

  • The inappropriate use of forceps or vacuum during the delivery process
  • Complications that resulted from the lack of appropriate support and intervention
  • Decisions made by the doctor that led to a lack of oxygen during birth

Birth injuries do not always give way to successful civil claims. Any type of medical malpractice claim is complex, and your success depends on your ability to provide proof and documentation that you are the victim of negligence or reckless behavior from a doctor or other care provider.

The civil claims process can be lengthy and arduous, but it may be worthwhile to explore this option. This process can help you recover your losses and secure the financial support you may need to address your child’s current and future medical needs.

What can your family do?

Some birth injuries resolve themselves after a certain amount of time and with proper medical care. However, there are types of injuries that could affect your child for years to come.

Your family does not have to carry this financial burden alone. You have the right to seek compensation that will cover all of your needs, both today and well into the future. After a birth injury, you do not have to wait to start considering your option for a medical malpractice claim.