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Drivers are more at risk in work zones

Work zones in Florida can be found everywhere, and every driver has to navigate their share of them. Signs alerting motorists to them are often accompanied by groans and sighs as drivers try to come to grips with what is sure to be a delay. What they should be sighing over is the rate of accidents that occur in these zones.

Identifying intent to distribute

Being found to be in possession of an illicit or illegal substance in Naples is a serious offense. Successfully defending yourself against such a charge is possible, yet becomes more difficult if other charges accompany it. Many of those that we here at The Calderone Law Group, P.A. have worked with in the past have been shocked to discover just how many criminal offenses can emerge from what may seem to be a simple case of possession. One that you may find facing you in such a case could be intent to distribute. 

A DUI can affect your life long after the criminal case closes

As the saying goes, "To err is human." That statement often applies to many circumstances in which you may find yourself, including behind the wheel after having a bit too much to drink. Perhaps you felt as though you were okay to drive, but the numbers during a breath test may say differently.

Scrutinizing breathalyzer accuracy

When people in Naples are asked to visualize a drunk driving arrest, they likely will immediately conjure up images of one standing beside his or her car and blowing into a handheld breathalyzer device. Indeed, these devices has seemingly become the visual representation most equate with drunk driving. Many may believe that they are the singular tool law enforcement officers use to determine a driver's level of impairment. Yet do the results that they produce justify their association? 

Examining another major cause of distracted driving

Significant resources have been dedicated to raising the awareness of the dangers that result from drunk driving. The same can be said about texting while driving. Yet will an emphasis on stopping such practices ensure your safety from impaired or distracted drivers? Several of the clients that we here at The Calderone Law Group, P.A. have worked with in the past have learned firsthand that there is another subcategory of distracted drivers on Naples' roads that can be equally as dangerous. 

Are you a victim of an illegal DUI traffic stop?

If you are facing charges for drunk driving, you know there is a lot at stake. From your personal freedom to your right to drive, there are many consequences that could impact your life and your future. You know it is important to build a strong defense, and the first step of your defense process is to explore the validity of the original traffic stop.

Florida's ongoing changes in marijuana laws

As changes in marijuana laws sweep across the nation, states such as Florida continue to be in a state of limbo. While some areas have legalized both medical and recreational use, others continue to grapple with the system's strict penalties that can come with even one small possession charge. Lawmakers and residents alike have increased their efforts to completely legalize marijuana in the state, thus helping those who face damaging penalties and those who need the drug for medical purposes.

Fighting For Your Rights So You Can Focus On Your Recovery

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