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The impact of a car accident on the brain

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2018 | Car Accidents

No matter what incident causes the problem, a traumatic brain injury can prove to be a frightening discovery. These injuries commonly arise from car accidents — where one wrong turn or over correction can result in tragedy. Because each head injury is unique, treatment and recovery can depend on each individual’s needs. Floridians going through this difficult time can learn how to best overcome obstacles by learning more about traumatic brain injuries themselves.

Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center helps clarify exactly what traumatic brain injuries are, and why they are so impactful on the human brain. Caused by external force, a TBI can occur without causing an individual to lose consciousness — making them all the more dangerous. However, an individual can maintain consciousness after a TBI and still experience a skull fracture, experience seizures or have abnormal brain scans after an incident. When it comes to damage done, doctors can measure the degree of brain tissue damage to determine best recovery approaches. Measuring the depth of a coma and the results of a brain scan, as well as assessing neurochemical problems, are just some of the ways experts care for patients with TBI.

It is easy for family and friends of those who experience TBI to feel overwhelmed by the situation. BrainLine, a resource for brain injuries, explains that health experts examine two types of effects of TBI after an incident: secondary cell death (through biochemical and physiological responses) and individual functioning. If an individual regains consciousness, they may experience a multitude of issues, including mood swings and aggressiveness. These issues may subside or disappear altogether over time; other issues may also arise in the months following an accident. Although it may be difficult to understand what a loved one with a TBI is going through, patience during hard times and education on the topic can help make the recovery process a smoother one.