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Increased enforcement against suspected drug dealers

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2017 | Drug Charges

Residents in Florida may often wonder how a person ends up being identified by or arrested by police for a suspected crime involving drugs. The reality is that there may be many ways this happens including a member of law enforcement witnessing a potential criminal act. In some cases, reports from third parties may provide clues to officers. In yet other situations, law enforcement agencies consciously and proactively go searching for people they believe to be involved in criminal activity. This is precisely what is happening on the streets of West Palm Beach today.

The city is said to be targeting people it believes to be connected with drug overdoses in an effort to crack down on the growing opioid and other drug addiction problem in the region. Reports indicate that activities looked for include dealing or selling drugs but also involvement in other types of crime that may be associated with drugs. This might include things like theft and more. Exactly how potential defendants are identified or targeted is really not known.

What is known is that so far 29 people have been placed under arrest and at least another eight have outstanding warrants for their arrest. Four of the people who have been taken into custody thus far are said to be connected with drug deaths. No details are known about what type of treatment or assistance is offered to the defendants who themselves may struggle with drug addiction.

Defendants accused of serious drug offenses might find working with a private attorney a good way of getting the help they need.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “LATEST: West Palm police respond to surge in overdoses with arrests,” Jorge Milian and Rachel Franzin, December 15, 2017