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Driver admits guilt with no plea deal in fatal crash

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2017 | Car Accidents

Florida residents who hear about the numerous drunk driving accidents that continue to happen around the state may often wonder how many of those drunk drivers actually get served some form of justice. While nothing can bring a person back from the dead or restore a person’s ability to live as they had prior to sustaining life-altering injuries, there is still a strong desire and need for people to experience some sense that something was done in response to these types of senseless tragedies.

In January of last year, a young woman who was said to be intoxicated at the time swerved to avoid hitting a parked vehicle in South Beach. While she was successful in not striking the vehicle, she did manage to hit two men on foot who were going to get into that exact car. One of the men died as a result of the crash. The other man’s life was changed forever as he will live the rest of his days with physical limitations, disabilities and pain all caused by that one moment.

To make matters worse, the woman never stopped. Officers located her several hours later. She eventually pled guilty to vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of the crash. Now, at the age of 23, she will spend the next seven years in prison and also serve a five-year probation sentence. No details of any civil cases or compensation are known at this time.

Family members who experience these traumatic events might want to reach out to a lawyer to learn how they may pursue justice in these instances. 

Source: Miami Herald, “Ex-college student gets 7 years’ prison for killing federal agent in South Beach car crash,” David Ovalle, November 29, 2017