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Hurt on public or private property? You have rights

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2017 | Blog

Accidents can happen anywhere. Whether you suffered injury while you were out shopping or you slipped and fell while walking through a Florida office building, it is possible that your accident was not your fault. Property owners and managers have a special responsibility to rid their premises of hazards and safety risks. 

If you were hurt while you were on public or private property, you could have grounds to file a civil claim. You may feel that your accident and subsequent injuries were the result of your own clumsiness or inattentiveness, but in reality, factors beyond your control could be to blame. You would be wise to take quick action to determine if a premises liability claim is the most appropriate legal option for you.

Who is to blame after all?

Many premises liability claims happen after a slip-and-fall accident, a significant fall or other similar incident. Many times, visitors suffer due to simple things that would be easily preventable, such as inadequate lighting, broken stairs, water on the floor and trip hazards.

You may be wondering who is to blame for the hazards and factors that ultimately led to your accident and your injuries. While there could be several parties that share liability for what you experienced, it is essential to provide validating evidence and supporting documentation in order to build a strong claim. You must be able to prove one or more of the following:

  • The property owner or employee should have known about the danger that led to your accident.
  • The property owner or employee caused the hazard and failed to fix it.
  • The property owner or employee definitely knew about the hazard and did not fix it. 

It is okay if you feel unsure of your options or what to do after an accident. Regardless of the circumstances of your case, you have the right to know your legal options and the right to seek an evaluation of your case.

Rightful recovery can be yours

Even a minor injury can cause great harm. Simple injuries can be quite costly, and what you thought was just a simple fall could end up being quite expensive to treat and painful to deal with.

You would be wise to take quick action to pursue the compensation to which you may have a rightful claim. After an accident caused bya  dangerous premises or negligent maintenance, you deserve a full and fair recovery.