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Understanding ignition interlock devices

One of the many things that you might be concerned with in the event that you are ever charged with a drunk driving offense is losing your driving privileges for some period of time. Depending upon the nature of your situation, this may happen but the use of an ignition interlock device may make it possible for you to start driving again sooner than you could if you did not use an IID. Understanding how an ignition interlock device works is important for you in this situation.

Racketeering conspiracy one of many charges against gang members

Florida residents who find themselves accused of serious drug crimes can sometimes find it hard to believe they may have a real chance to defend themselves against these types of allegations. This can be especially so if stories about the cases hit the media. These types of reports generally omit many details and those details that are included may well paint a picture that makes it easy for the public to assume people are guilty. When this happens, people need to try and focus on the facts of their case and not the rumor mill that can be created by the media.

Driving distractions place Florida travelers at risk

If someone asks every motorist in Florida whether he or she has ever been distracted behind the wheel, those answering honestly would likely say, "Yes." In fact, you may find your own mind wandering from time to time as you navigate roadways and travel from one destination to another. If you happen to glance at a billboard on the side of the road, or look at the clock on your vehicle dashboard, you certainly won't be the first driver ever to do so.

The walk-and-turn field sobriety test

Has your spouse, friend or neighbor been arrested for and charged with drunken driving in Florida? Or, have you yourself been charged with an impaired driving offense? In either case, you will likely be wanting to learn about how to defend against these charges either for yourself or in support of someone else. One element to a drunk driving defense may involve inaccurate test results during the arrest process. This may include the field sobriety tests that are used.

Man accused of PCP crimes near school, library

New Jersey residents who have been arrested for multiple crimes can sometimes start to lose hope that they may be able to defend themselves against any charge levied against them. In some cases, this may even contribute to a negative spiral for some defendants. At this time, remembering that every person is legally considered innocent until proven guilty and that every defendant is owed a defense is highly important.

Fighting For Your Rights So You Can Focus On Your Recovery

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