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Medical emergency results in DUI arrest

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2017 | Drunk Driving

Many things might lead someone in Florida to be arrested and charged with drunk driving or drugged driving. No two situations are generally the same and some may not even be initiated by an actual traffic stop. An example of this can be seen in a recent case involving a man from Cape Coral.

A call for medical assistance was made by some bystanders after they allegedly saw a man passed out in his vehicle. Reports suggest the people tried to help him and saw his lips appear blue and eyes rolling back in his eye sockets. Eventually medical responders arrived and took the man to a local hospital for care. In the meantime, officers searched the man’s vehicle while it was empty after supposedly seeing drug paraphernalia. The search is said to have uncovered prescription medication, another unidentified drug substance, a pipe and a syringe.

While at the hospital, the man had blood drawn at the request of the Department of Children and Families as his preschool-aged daughter was in the vehicle with him. Details of the blood test are not known but he was subsequently arrested and charged with impaired driving and child neglect. He has since been taken to a jail and his bond was set by a judge at $56,000. No drug charges were made, however, since the event was prompted by a medical emergency.

When unusual situations like the above arise, people in Florida might find it helpful to talk with an attorney. This may help defendants understand the charges against them and how to best proceed with their defenses.

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