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Self-driving cars still require human intervention

Whether or not the average Florida resident is ready to share the road with self-driving cars, the reality is that automakers and technology companies are working hard to get these vehicles on the road. In fact, one recent report indicated that the state of California has indicated it will allow self-driving cars without any humans inside on its roads by the end of this year. Currently the autonomous vehicles on roads in California or elsewhere are all accompanied by human drivers able to take over when and where needed.

What previously-owned trouble lurks in your certified vehicle?

When shopping for a used car, you probably depend on assurances that the vehicle is safe, certified or inspected. These terms have become the hallmark of dealers who have tried for years to get consumers to place their trust in the used car industry - a historically dubious trade. Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is a risk, and a recent legal settlement between several car dealerships and the Federal Trade Commission has just made it quite a bit riskier.

Lawmakers urged to consider distracted driving crackdown

Florida residents who are concerned about the dangers posed to them by the many people who choose to text or make phone calls while driving should take heed. In 2016 alone, more than 200 people were killed in distracted driving accidents. In the same year, a whopping 45,000 motor vehicle accidents are said to have been caused by some form of distracted driving. 

Two proposed laws target accused opioid dealers

In Florida and around the nation, the laws have been getting harsher when it comes to many drug crimes. Sadly, this may lead to people being punished or put in jail instead of being given the help they truly need. Now, state  lawmakers will be reviewing two new proposed laws that would only further this negative cycle.

Did your teen ignore your warnings about drunk driving?

Did you receive a phone call saying that the police took your teen into custody for drunk driving? The mix of emotions when you got that call probably ranged from anger because your teen failed to heed your warnings about the dangers of drunk driving and relief that he or she survived the experience - hopefully without suffering any injuries or hurting anyone else.

The horizontal gaze nystagmus test

If you have been charged with drunk driving in Florida, you will want to be sure and educate yourself about the process so you can make appropriate decisions for your defense. One of the things you may want to learn about is the accuracy of the tests used in your arrest process. This includes not just any chemical test you may have taken but the field sobriety tests that you may have been asked to participate in as well.

Fighting For Your Rights So You Can Focus On Your Recovery

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