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Florida car accident facts

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2016 | Car Accidents

Whether Florida is the place you call home, or, you simply love to visit from time to time, chances are that while you’re here, you likely travel by motor vehicle. Sometimes, you may be the person driving. On other occasions, you might ride as a passenger in someone’s car or truck.

Either way, there’s no question that the state’s highways and community roads are often dangerous places! When you least expect it, you could be hit by another driver who failed to stop at a red light or was traveling at excessive speeds above the posted limit.

Hundreds of thousands affected

Apparently, if you are one of the many people in Florida who enjoy riding bicycles, you may be at risk as you navigate your route.

Although there actually has been a decrease reported regarding the number of accidents per year throughout the state, bicyclists and other pedestrians are often among those who are injured. The following list shows pertinent statistics from recent years:

  • The number of drivers in Florida exceeds 16 million.
  • Between 2005 and 2009, there were approximately 15,665 fatal vehicle accidents.
  • In 2007 and 2008 alone, there were more than 1,100 pedestrians killed by motorists.

You may act with caution and adhere to all traffic and safety regulations every time you drive, but that does not mean all other drivers are doing the same. As evident in the list above, many deaths occur each year because of drunk drivers, reckless drivers and those who are otherwise negligent.

Many accident injuries cause permanent disabilities

Serious car accidents, especially those that involve tractor-trailers or several vehicles, often result in permanently disabling injuries, such as the following:

  • Blunt force head trauma: If you hit your head upon impact in a crash, the results can be devastating.
  • Spinal cord trauma: Injury to the spine may cause partial or full body paralysis.
  • Internal organ damage: Your lungs, your liver, kidneys, spleen and other organs may sustain life-threatening injuries in a car accident.

The type of medical treatment and care needed for recovery in such situations is very expensive.

If you have suffered this type of injury, or you are doing your best to care for a child or other immediate family member who has, there is no reason you should be held accountable for the expenses incurred as a result of an accident caused by another motorist.

You’re more than a statistic

You are not “just a number.” There’s a network of support available to help you in the event that you have been injured by someone who was acting irresponsibly behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Whether you were taking a walk with a loved one at the time, riding on the back of a motorcycle, or driving to or from work, you are entitled to seek monetary judgment against any party or parties whose actions caused you to suffer injury.

Keeping the following in mind may help you obtain justice and also get the care you need to get your life back on track as you recover:

  • Details matter: Documenting as many details as you can recall regarding the events leading up to your accident can be of great help if you decide to pursue the matter in court.
  • Gather evidence: A personal injury lawyer can investigate the situation and gather evidence that can help substantiate your claim.
  • Determine who is responsible: In addition to physical evidence, an attorney can help determine who may be held liable for your injuries.
  • Seek recovery for losses: State laws typically vary regarding the amount of compensation you may claim for damages. Your attorney would be able to tell you the maximum available in your particular situation.

You’ve probably replayed your accident a hundred times over in your mind since the day it happened. It’s hard to forget such things.

It’s also understandable that you want to set your sights on the future now, and you would like to bring closure to the situation by obtaining restitution for the suffering you’ve endured. You can begin that process by seeking guidance from someone who has helped others recover from similar losses in the past.