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Distracted driving laws in Florida

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2016 | Car Accidents

As the holiday season gets into full swing, Florida residents no doubt will hear about efforts to encourage people to have designated drivers when attending holiday celebrations. The dangers of drunk driving are well documented indeed but drinking and driving is not the only risky behavior that people should be aware of on the road. Distracted driving is quickly becoming a top concern in Florida and around the nation.

In fact, the State of Florida Department of Transportation indicates that it has identified eight distinct risks and safety issues as its top traffic priorities. Distracted driving is one of these eight priorities. Just what exactly can be considered distracted driving in Florida? Certainly texting while driving is a primary activity that is known to lead to distracted driving but it is only one of several distractions that can be dangerous to drivers’ ability to safety operate vehicles.

Other distractions include the use of electronic devices for non-communication purposes. This might include putting on a movie in a DVD player or paying attention to a navigation system. Some distractions are even outside of a vehicle in the way of scenery, signage and more. Attending to children in a vehicle or even becoming so engrossed in conversation with other passengers that driving is compromised can be considered distracted driving in Florida.

According to, Florida does have a ban on texting while driving but it is a secondary law. That means a driver cannot be stopped simply for the act but can be cited for it if stopped for something else first.