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Life with an IID

After being arrested for a suspected drunk driving offense in Florida you might have a lot of questions about how your life might be impacted if you are ultimately convicted of a criminal charge. In Florida as in many other states, people who have been convicted of driving under the influence offenses may be required to install and use an ignition interlock device. As you may know, this device retains a lock on your vehicle ignition until you pass a breath test that then allows you to start your car. However, this is not the only thing you need to know.

Lack of police training may mean fewer DUI convictions

Florida law enforcement may be experiencing difficulties convicting some drivers of the charge of driving under the influence of alcohol. The cause of the challenge to convictions may be that the officers lack a specific expertise.A trial court may admit an officer’s observations of a driver’s behaviors when the state is trying to prove a DUI charge. However, there is a more credible scientific test that may constitute stronger evidence. In Florida, the court may suppress that scientific test result if the officer did not have his certification noting proper training in that particular test.

Pro golfer to participate in DUI program

Florida residents who are facing criminal charges for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, prescription drugs or illegal dugs will want to understand what may happen to them. After the initial arrest process in which they may be taken to jail and have a mugshot and fingerprints taken, the time comes to review the potential penalties. For people who have never had a DUI offense before, the possibility of joining the state's DUI first offender program may exist.

What do I need to do to reinstate my license after a suspension?

If you are facing a charge of driving under the influence in Naples, you are likely wondering about the possible penalties you may be facing if you are convicted. Losing your license will likely occur should you be found guilty of a DUI. Here is what you need to know about how long a suspension may last and what you will need to do to have your driving privileges restored.

Man charged with DUI after refusing breath test

Sometimes it can be all too easy for people in Florida to think that law enforcemet officials or even politicians seem to act as though they are above the law themselves. However, that is not true as even a police officer or other pubic official can be charged with a criminal offense.

Plan ahead for holiday DUI enforcement

Many Florida residents are actively planning events over the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. With the holiday landing on a Tuesday this year, celebrations may well begin the prior weekend and last for several days. While this is a normal part of the summer, it is also important for people to consider their transportation needs as part of their planning in order to avoid troubles with a potential drunk driving arrest.

Facts of case in dispute during trial

People who have been charged not only with driving under the influence offenses but also other crimes related to an accident that may have transpired can face complicated trials with potentially extreme consequences. It is important for them to remember that even if chemical tests show that their blood alcohol content wa above the legal limit when an accident occurred that it does not necesarily mean the accident was totally their fault. Such is the case for one 42-year-old man from Golden Gate Estates today.

Man maintains innocence in drunk driving death

After a drunk driving arrest, drivers in Florida may face a myriad of penalties. From fines to potential loss of driving privileges and more, a single impaired driving offense may have long-lasting consequences for people. When such an arrest involves an accident, especially one in which people are seriously injured or killed, the potential penalties become far more severe. This is exactly what one man in Naples is grappling with today after an accident that took place just a couple of weeks before Christmas 2015.

Do Florida police wear body cameras?

If you have ever been stopped by an officer in Florida, you may have noticed that they were wearing a body camera. The use of these cameras by law enforcement officials has been increasing and may be one avenue via which defendants get new insight into their defense options. The video footage captured by a police camera may expose errors in how an officer conducted an investigation or managed an arrest such as when pursuing a potential drunk driving arrest.

Understanding ignition interlock devices

One of the many things that you might be concerned with in the event that you are ever charged with a drunk driving offense is losing your driving privileges for some period of time. Depending upon the nature of your situation, this may happen but the use of an ignition interlock device may make it possible for you to start driving again sooner than you could if you did not use an IID. Understanding how an ignition interlock device works is important for you in this situation.

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