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Hurt on public or private property? You have rights

Accidents can happen anywhere. Whether you suffered injury while you were out shopping or you slipped and fell while walking through a Florida office building, it is possible that your accident was not your fault. Property owners and managers have a special responsibility to rid their premises of hazards and safety risks. 

Commercial drivers and DUIs: What will happen to your career?

If you are a commercial driver, there is a significant chance that your career hinges on your ability to drive. When a legal complication poses a threat to that ability, it is a direct threat against earning a living and supporting your family. When a commercial driver faces a DUI charge in Florida, there is much at stake.

Reducing the stress of a collision with an uninsured driver

While out driving on a normal day in Florida, you may give little thought to what would happen should an accident occur. Unfortunately, with distractions all around, collisions are more common that one might think, and each one has a chance to end in disaster.

Medical malpractice: when doctors are bad for your health

Doctors, nurses, surgeons and other health care providers have the obligation to provide quality medical care and services for patients. If you are suffering because a Florida health care professional made a mistake or acted negligently in any way, it is possible that you have grounds to seek compensation through a medical malpractice claim.

Pursuing workers' compensation benefits after a denied claim

What happens when your workers' compensation claim comes back denied? As an injured employee, you are counting on that financial support to help you with medical bills and other financial losses, and a denied claim can be devastating. Fortunately, you do not have to accept this as the final word. You may have the option to appeal.

Drinking and boating creates the perfect storm for an accident

Warmer temperatures mean getting out on the water for many Floridians. Taking the boat out for a day of sunshine, relaxation and time with family and friends could be your idea of paradise. You might even have a few drinks just like many of the other boaters out on the water with you.

The damage a DUI can do to your college life

Since middle school, maybe sooner, you have learned about the dangers of drinking and driving. In your driver education classes, you certainly saw films or heard lectures about the consequences of drunk driving and the tragedy of DUI accidents. Maybe your college has even sponsored events to promote responsible drinking.

Driving distractions place Florida travelers at risk

If someone asks every motorist in Florida whether he or she has ever been distracted behind the wheel, those answering honestly would likely say, "Yes." In fact, you may find your own mind wandering from time to time as you navigate roadways and travel from one destination to another. If you happen to glance at a billboard on the side of the road, or look at the clock on your vehicle dashboard, you certainly won't be the first driver ever to do so.

Injured in a pedestrian accident? Don't let relief walk on by

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association keeps all the yearly auto-related crash statistics. According to this organization, in the United States, over the course of a year, tens of thousands of pedestrians suffer injuries in auto-pedestrian collisions. If you are one of the many people in Florida or elsewhere affected by injuries from a pedestrian accident, do not let relief walk on by, as it is something to which you may have a right.

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